Connect and watch the videos about the Fundamantals of Laser from the Maaschusets Institute of Technology's (MIT) Open Course-ware (OCW) Program :


Each student will prepare a presentation and present it in about 15 minutes the following subjects in the week after the midterm :
1-: Ruby Laser
2-: Nd:YAG Laser
3-: Nd:GLass Laser
4-: Argon Laser
5-: Dye Laser
6-: HeNe, CO2 Lasers.
The presentations should normally include:
-mechanism of operation of the specific laser
-advantages and disadvantages
-ant other.
1-BUILDING a homemade LASER of >35W CO2 Laser: Use the instructions given in 35WFlowingGasCO2kit
2-Building a high power semiconductor laser using a scrap CD-DVD driver
Those who would like to work on these projects should see the instructor.
Solve the problems given below from Saleh, and Teich's  "Fundamentals of Photonics-2nd Edition":
1)  10.1.-3, 10.1-4,10.1-6, 10.2-5
2)  12.1-5, 12.1-7, 12.1-9, 12.1-10
3)  13.3-3
4)  14.1-2, 14.1-3, 14.1-4
5)  15.2-2, 15.2-3, 15.2-4, 15.2-5, 15.2-6, 15.2-7, 15.2-8
You are expected to turn in the solutions by the Final Exam.